Waverly Lights, formerly known as Wiechmann Winter Wonderland, started as most yard displays do. About 25 years ago with a few strands of lights, a couple plastic figures, and a CD player playing holiday music from the window. The display grew bigger and brighter ever year as more plastic figures, plywood characters, and lights were added. In 2001, the Wiechmann family moved from Oakdale, MN to Waverly, IA. When moving, two 24′ long Uhaul trucks were designated for holiday decorations alone! Dozens of Santas, snowmen, and toy soldiers lined the yard with tens of thousands of mini lights covering the entire roof of the house. Over the years, the display gained more and more attention winning several holiday light competitions. It was indeed quite the feat, but there was still more that could be done!

On Thanksgiving Day of 2007, there was a viral video of a light display that had the lights “dance” to music. Amazed, we were determined to do a display of our own just like it! In 2008, after much research, several hundreds of dollars, and hours upon hours of programming, Waverly Lights debuted its first holiday light show. The new platform gave our display a brand new life and allowed us to do new and innovative displays we’d never thought would be possibly when we started 25+ years ago!

With the new excitement and added incentive to have re-occurring visitors to our display, we began collecting donations to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in conjunction with our family business Ziggy’s Domino’s Pizza. In just the few short years, we have been able to help raise several thousands of dollars to aid in their cause!

After all the money, time, and effort needed to pull off such a display, it’s the smiling faces we see driving by that make it all worth it! We are thrilled to be known as “The Christmas House” and we look forward to seeing you as much as you look forward to seeing our display! Thank you to the previous supports for their continued generosity every year and the support to help motivate us to keep doing what we do every year!

Thanks for visiting and happy holidays from the Wiechmann’s!

  • 10th Nov, 2015